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Center the Show Desktop Icon to the Middle of the Taskbar

Jun 1, 2023

Do you feel it is inconvenient to click on the far right corner of the Taskbar to show the desktop because the button is too small and not easy to reach?

Alternately, some keyboard shortcuts can take you to the desktop directly, such as Windows+D (or use the Power User Menu), Windows+M or Windows+, to get a glance at the desktop only.

But what should you do if you are not a keyboard shortcut person who don’t want to remember too many shortcuts? Stay tuned with us to find out how to add a large Show Desktop icon in the middle of the Taskbar.

Steps to center the Show Desktop icon to the Taskbar

To make a new Show Desktop button, you’ll need to create a desktop shortcut and pin it to the Taskbar.

Step 1. Create a new Shortcut

Right-click on a blank area on the desktop, select New and then Shortcut.

Step 2. Type the location

On the Create Shortcut window that pops up, enter or directly copy the command below to trigger File Explorer to show the desktop, and then click Next.

explorer.exe shell:::{3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}

Step 3. Type the name

On the next window, there is a box of Type a name for this shortcut. To make it look more like the original far corner Show desktop button, please click on the box field and enter “Show desktop”. When you’re done, click on Finish.

Step 4. Change the icon

You will now notice a new shortcut named “Show desktop” on the desktop but with the icon of a folder, which could be a bit confusing. So you need to change its icon as follow:

  • Right-click on it and select Show more options and then Properties, On the window of Show desktop Properties, choose the tab of Shortcut;
  • Click on the Change Icon button, and then select an icon to help you distinguish your Show desktop icon which will be shown on your Taskbar from others ;

Step 5. Pin to taskbar

Now your new shortcut has a new icon, too. The last thing you need to do is to right-click on it and select Show more properties again, then select Pin to taskbar.

Moving the button to the center of the Taskbar also helps you easily and quickly click on it every time. When it’s done, delete the icon on the desktop.


You now have a large Show desktop button in the middle of your Taskbar. Clicking on it will display the desktop directly. Clicking on it again will return to the windows you opened just like the original button. If you find this helpful, please visit WiseCare Think Tank to get more Windows tips.