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How to find and remove duplicate photos from your computer

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

by Vivian

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​There is no doubt that duplicate files can take up the storage room of your PC and make it run slowly. If you are really annoying so much duplicate photos on your computer, here is how to get rid of them.
Wise Duplicate Finder
Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows
A duplicate file management tool that can help you find and delete duplicate files by comparing file name, file size or contents. Get rid of annoying duplicates and free up more space on your hard disks.

How will you decide which photo of your son is the best one to print when you find several copies of it? Have you noticed that your hard disk is filled with some images which you don't really need? If so, it is time to free up your disk space by clearing these duplicate and useless photos with Wise Duplicate Finder.

Step 1: Download and install Wise Duplicate Finder

interfact of duplicate finder.png


Step 2: Select a folder to scan

After launching Wise Duplicate Finder, you will be asked to select a folder to scan. Just click the “+” button and select which folder you want to be scanned. 

select scanning folder


Step 3: Customize in advanced settings

If you only want to scan the duplicate photos on your computer, please make settings according to the file suffixes so that they can be listed as quickly as possible. 

advanced settings.png


Step 4: Delete other duplicate photos by clicking “keep one” button at the left corner.

choose duplicate files.png


Step 5: Delete or remove the choosing duplicate photos

With one click on “delete selected”, all the duplicate photos which you want to delete will be disappeared.

delete duplicate files.png

But if you deleted some photos by mistake, don’t worry, you can restore them from here:

restore duplicate files.png


As we said that, Wise Duplicate Finder is a great tool for dealing with low disk space issues by scanning and removing any duplicate and useless files safely. 

Are there any methods you use to find and delete duplicate files? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.