How to use Wise Program Uninstaller to delete applications from your PC

Wise Program Uninstaller is a professional utility to perform a complete and clean uninstall of your unwanted programs and entries. Moreover, it can uninstall unnecessary programs safely and forcedly.

Step 1: Launch Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller displays all installed apps after launching. Drag the scroll bar on the right and find the app you want to remove or type the app name (keywords) in the search box to quickly locate the app.

Step 2: Select and Remove the app

Wise Program Uninstaller provides 2 ways to remove an installed application, Safe Uninstall, and Force Uninstall.

Safe Uninstall

Safe Uninstall uses the uninstallation program of the application you want to remove. It is the safest way to delete an application from your computer.

Please select an application you want to remove and click the button ⌈ Safe Uninstall ⌋, and click ⌈ Yes ⌋ to confirm the Uninstall. The app will be removed from your computer automatically.

Force Uninstall

It is used to remove stubborn, tough, abnormal, and non-standard programs. Please choose Force Uninstall only if the Safe Uninstall does not work.

Please select the application you want to force delete and click the button ⌈ Force Uninstall ⌋, then click ⌈ Yes ⌋ to confirm the Uninstall. Wise Program Uninstaller will start searching for files, folders and registry entries related to the application.


Some applications provide a way to fix most issues quickly without the need for an internet connection or a re-installation, it is called Modify. Wise Program Uninstaller also supports it.

Please click an application, if this application supports Modify, the button of modify will be activated, and you can click it to start modifying.

Step 3: Delete leftovers

When the uninstallation is finished, Wise Program Uninstaller will search the leftovers of the application (registry entries, files, and folders). Please check the list carefully, then click Remove to confirm the deletion.


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