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Customize the Icons on the Desktop

Sep 22, 2022

People like to customize their own stuffs, especially the PC. Have you ever noticed that others may have different Recycle Bin icons or This PC icons on their Windows PC? Read through this tutorial to find the way to customize your own desktop icons.

Desktop icons are designed to enable quick access to frequently-used programs, files, folders and so on. Many of them are just shortcuts to run a program from the desktop, and they can be changed into other shapes.

How to personalize desktop icons?

Step 1. Select Personalize.

Right-click on a blank area on the desktop and choose Personalize.

Step 2. Choose Themes.

Select Themes on the page.

Step 3. Click-on Desktop icon settings.

Click-on Desktop icon settings under Related settings.

Step 4. Change the icons.

Check the desktop icons you want to display on the desktop. Then select an icon and click Change Icon. Here you can change it to your own picture from a disk through Browse, or simply change it into another icon by selecting an icon from the list.

Step 5. Show the icons.

Go back to the desktop and right-click on a blank area. Select View at first, then tick Show desktop icons on its drop-down menu. Now you will see your customized icons on the desktop.

Enjoy your own desktop icons. If you want to change them again after a while, do the steps again. Share this tutorial if you find it helpful.