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How to Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Launch App in Windows

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

by Vivian

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If you usually work with many different programs on your computer and want to save time, it is necessary for you to set a custom keyboard shortcut to open a particular application in windows 10.
Wise Hotkey
App Launcher & Switcher for Windows
An easy-to-use program helps you improve the efficiency of using the computer. Quickly start and switch any application, folder or website by using keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts, which performed by keyboard, can save your hours of time once applied properly. How to create custom keyboard shortcuts to open software in windows 10? If you don't know, here's how its done.

Step 1: Locate the application on your desk, right-click its shortcut and select “Properties”. 



Step 2: Choose the shortcut key and input your desired keyboard shortcut. 

shortcut key.png


Now, if you want to launch Wise Care 365, just press “Ctrl + Alt + C” on your keyboard instead of clicking its icon with mouse.

In addition, there are some really good utilities like Wise Hotkey, which can help you quick start or quick switch any application in windows. 

Wise Hotkey is my favorite program for improving the efficiency of using computer, it is easy to use and works very effectively. 

wise hotkey.png


If you want to add / change a new application/folder/website, please click the "+" sign. 

add application.png


What are your most-used Windows keyboard shortcuts? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Thanks.