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How to Use the Power User Menu in Windows 11

May 27, 2022

What is the Power User Menu

The Power User Menu can also be called the Power User Task Menu, Win+X Menu, WinX Menu, Power User Hotkey, Windows Tools Menu. It is a pop-up menu containing shortcuts to frequently used tools, providing users with a convenient way to access programs, and saving a lot of time. And it first appeared in Windows 8 and has continued into Windows 10 and Windows 11.

what is power user menu (WinX menu)

How to Open the WinX Menu

There are two ways to open the Power User menu.

Since Windows 8 does not have a Win icon (Start menu) on the taskbar, it does not support right-clicking, and can only use the keyboard shortcut Win+X to open the Power User Menu.

How to use hotkeys to open default programs in the Win+X Menu

The default programs in the Power User Menu have a corresponding hotkey. Familiarity with the hotkeys of common programs can save a lot of time and improve efficiency. For example, press Win+X to open the Power User Menu, press U, then press R to Restart the system. The following are the hotkeys corresponding to each program:

Keyboard shortcut Program
Windows+X, F Apps and Features
Windows+X, B Mobility Center
Windows+X, O Power Options
Windows+X, V Event Viewer
Windows+X, Y System
Windows+X, M Device Manager
Windows+X, W Network Connections
Windows+X, K Disk Management
Windows+X, G Computer Management
Windows+X, A Windows Terminal (Admin)
Windows+X, T Task Manager
Windows+X, N Settings
Windows+X, E File Explorer
Windows+X, S Search
Windows+X, R Run
Windows+X, U, I Sign out
Windows+X, U, S Sleep
Windows+X, U, U Shut Down
Windows+X, U, R Restart
Windows+X, D Desktop

Do you know how to use the Power User Menu? Believe that mastering this shortcut will make you more convenient and faster when using the computer.