How to Fix High Memory Usage on Windows 11

Aug 31, 2022

High memory usage will affect the performance of the computer and make the computer run slower, therefore, it is crucial to optimize memory and free up occupied memory. This article will show you how to fix high memory usage on Windows 11 using Wise Memory Optimizer.

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Many users have trouble with high memory usage after upgrading their system to Windows 11, which makes the computer slow. How to fix it to make the computer healthier? You can find the answer in this article.

What is memory?

Memory here refers to physical memory, also known as RAM, which is a vital part of a computer. In the process of computer work, all the data must pass through the memory first, and then can be handed over to the processor to process. It can also be said that the memory is the bridge between the CPU and the external memory.

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Causes of high memory usage

• Running many programs at the same time.

• Insufficient disk space.

• There are too many startup programs.

• The computer is infected by a virus.

How to fix high memory usage on Windows 11?

Step 1. Download Wise Memory Optimizer

Frequently optimizing memory, and freeing up memory can speed up the operation of the computer. We recommend downloading Wise Memory Optimizer, which can periodically optimize memory for you to prevent high memory usage.

Step 2. Manually optimize the memory

Run Wise Memory Optimizer, you can see a circle composed of two colors, the green area represents the available memory space, and the orange part represents the used memory space. Click the drop-down menu next to the Optimize button where you can select Defrag RAM, Free Up RAM, and Empty Standby RAM. Click the Optimize button after you have selected them.

    Step 3. Automatically optimize memory

    You can also choose to set up automatic optimization. Click the gear icon at the top of the window and check Auto Optimization. You can choose to set the memory below a numerical value for automatic optimization, or you can choose a fixed time for automatic optimization.


      Memory optimization is important for computer use. If you want your computer to run fast, optimize your computer's memory. Wise Memory Optimizer is a handy tool that helps you regularly optimize memory and free up space. If you want to know more information, welcome to contact us.

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