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Speed Up PC Performance with One Simple “Trick”

Mar 3, 2014

There is a very good simple way to improve PC speed when your computer is running slow. It won’t fix every problem of a slow working computer, but it will help improve things about 80% of the time. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time, won’t cost you any money, and can easily be done by the most un-technical person on the planet!

All you have to do is simply turn off your PC! That’s it. Just restart your computer for a faster PC! This won’t fix every problem you have, of course. But starting off with a fresh Windows session will usually help your computer run faster.

One reason is because many programs leave processes working in the background even after you have stopped using them (and theoretically shut them down). You can also save a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your hardware this way. Over time, letting your computer run for 8+ hours when it’s not in use, can really take a toll on your hardware. This can slow your computer down needlessly.

You can literally add years to the life of your PC and stop it from aging prematurely by shutting down overnight. You may also want to reboot your computer in the afternoon—or any other time when you develop a slow moving PC. Sometimes the problem is a little more complicated. But sometimes a reboot can really smooth out poor PC performance.