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How to Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 11

May 17, 2024

Sleep mode is a useful feature on Windows that helps save system power. However, it can also be troublesome if it happens too often or in situations where you don't want it to happen. In this article, we will guide you on how to disable sleep mode on Windows 11.

Method 1: Using Settings App

The easiest way to disable sleep mode in Windows 11 is through the Settings app.

 Open the Settings app
 expand the Screen and sleep option

Method 2: Using Control Panel

If for some reason you don't want to use the Settings app or are unable to do so, you can also disable Windows 11 sleep mode from the Control Panel.

 Change when the computer sleeps
 Put the computer to sleep

Method 3: Using Group Policy Editor

Most Windows behaviors can be intervened through the Group Policy Editor. Therefore, you can use it to change the sleep settings of your computer.

 type gpedit.msc
 Allow standby states (S1-S3) when sleeping (plugged in)
 Select Disabled
 repeat the above steps

Method 4: Using Registry Editor

You can also use the Registry Editor if the above methods do not achieve the desired results. But before that, we recommend you to backup Windows registry.

 Change the value to 0


In conclusion, disabling sleep mode can enhance your computing experience by ensuring that your computer stays active. With the methods described in this article, you can easily change your computer's sleep settings to suit your needs.