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September 8, 2020

How to display seconds on the taskbar clock

Windows 10 system usually only displays hours and minutes on the taskbar clock. What if you want to watch the seconds? How to make the taskbar clock in Windows 10 display seconds?
display seconds in taskbar clock

This is very simple, just adjust the Windows registry key and the taskbar clock will show seconds. No need to install any apps. The registry is very important to the Windows system, and tweaking the registry is very dangerous. Before tweaking the registry, please do a full backup of the Windows registry. Here, I recommend using Wise Care 365 to back up the full registry.
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How to back up Windows registry with Wise Care 365

After the registry backup is complete, let's start working to display the number of seconds on the Windows 10 taskbar clock.

1. Open the registry editor
Please press Win+R to open the Run window, type regedit, and hit Enter (or click OK) to open the Registry Editor.
open registry editor

2. Add ShowSecondsInSystemClock in registry
 a) Expand and navigate to the following registry key.
Tips: Copy the above registry key and paste it into the registry editor, you can quickly find the registry key.

 b) Right-click on the blank area of the right panel, select New - DWORD (32-bit) Value, and type the name ShowSecondsInSystemClock
 c) Double-click the newly created entry ShowSecondsInSystemClock, set the Value data to 1.
add new registry key

3. Restart Windows Explorer
Please open the task manager, drag the scroll bar to find the Windows Explorer, click it and select Restart.
restart Windows Explorer

Then you will see the taskbar clock showing the number of seconds.
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