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Several Shortcuts That Come in Handy

Oct 11, 2014

In this article, I’d like to share 5 most used keyboard shortcuts

(1) ALT and TAB You can use the mouse to hover over the taskbar icons, you can minimize applications until you see the one you want. You can also use the WINDOWS key and TAB

(2) WINDOWS and D This relates to (1) when you have many applications open. Say we need to get back to the desktop to get a file or shortcut that is stored there. You could minimize each application window one by one, you could use the show desktop icon (although no one really knows where that is since they got Windows 7) or you can simply press WINDOWS key and D to show your desktop.

(3) SHIFT and F3 When you are in any Microsoft Office application and you’ve just spent time typing a lot of text without realizing you still had the caps lock on (or vice versa) do you delete it and start again? No, highlight it all and use SHIFT and F3 to cycle through the character case until you see it in the format you need. This is also good for converting imported text that is in the wrong case as well.

(4) CTRL and F Everyone uses Google to search for stuff. You find the result you want in the summary list and then click on through to the page, however, you can’t see anything relating to what you want. Now you need to use CTRL and F, enter the search term you used in the Google search to quickly jump to the area you need in the page. CTRL and F also works in many applications to find a particular word(s) with ease.

(5) WINDOWS key and L “Every time you leave your seat, press CTRL, ALT and DELETE” Very good security practice but doing it that way involves, in my opinion, using too many hands and mouse clicks. I suggest you use just the WINDOWS key and L. Way more convenient!