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How to Completely Delete Temporary Files in Windows

Monday, September 19, 2016

by Vivian

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Temporary files in windows are those which are created by windows services and some third-party programs. Removing them regularly will free up disk space and make your PC run smoothly.
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Temporary files are created on your PC when you browse the internet or install some programs. Removing temporary files can help you to free up disk space and keep your PC clean. How to completely remove temporary files in windows? Just follow the methods below:

Step 1: Open “settings” from the start menu. And then choose “System”.



Step 2: Go for “Storage” and select “This PC” or any other hard drive. 



Step 3: Click “Temporary files” in the options.  

temporary files.png


Step 4: Delete temporary files:

delete temp files.png


Wanna delete temporary files completely? A third-party program is in need here! Wise Care 365 offers an effective method to scan and clean temporary files in depth. Please install and launch Wise Care 365 in your PC.

wise care 365.png


Click “Checkup” and it will scan and list some useless files including temporary files. And then click “Fix” to remove them completely. 

pc check up.png

If you want to clean up temporary files deeply, please go on choosing “System Cleaner” and ”Common Cleaner” to check and clean some junk files created by windows and applications. 

clean junk files.png