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4 Tips to Keep Your PC Running Like New

Thursday, July 7, 2016

by Vivian

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Do you always have an opinion on how to keep your PC running smooth and fast? If so, please follow the tips I have mentioned below, which can make your PC run as new.
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If the PC you are using becomes sluggish, slow, even shuts down unexpectedly, it is time to do some basic PC maintenance now. Here are some tips on how to make your PC in good condition. 

1.Uninstall programs you don't use

Uninstall programs you don’t use can free space and make your PC run some other import programs more efficiently. 

Choose “control panel” in windows start button and select “Uninstall a program”. If you find out the program which you don’t use any more, right click on its name to “Uninstall” it.  


Uninstall program

But you may face some stubborn software which can’t be uninstalled in this way.  Here we suggest you try to use this tiny and free program “Wise Program uninstaller”. With its help, you can delete them easily and thoroughly. 

force uninstall program


2.Keep your spyware and antivirus programs updated

Haven’t you remembered the last time you updated your anti-virus software? If you want to keep your PC free from viruses, it is not enough to just have an anti-virus program. You must update it regularly and run scheduled scans on your PC. 

3.Clean junk files from your PCs

There are a lot of non-essential data like temporary files, internet history, cookies and more scattered throughout your system. They waste space and will lead to performance problems. One of the easiest way to combat it is to use Wise Care 365. This tool can help you remove invalid windows registry entries and clean useless files, browsing history, download history and so on. 

clean junk files

 4.Limit computer start-up time

It is not wise to let a lot of programs load up when you start your computer. These programs will use valuable memory

and windows resources. If you don't need to run them when you boot up, Turn them off! And Wise Care 365 provides easiest way for you 

to manage your startup menu. 

manage startup menu


If you have any other advice on how to maintain computer, please leave a comment below.