How to Find and Delete 0-Byte Files on Windows 11

Aug 11, 2023

Windows 11 offers one simple built-in way to find empty files on the disk. But compared to this time-taking manual search, Wise Duplicate Finder can help find and delete them effortlessly.

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When was the last time you deleted empty files on your PC? If the answer is never, then this article won’t waste your time.

O-byte files are empty files which do not contain any data, so they cannot directly impact system security. However, over time they accumulate on your computer due to various reasons, such as incomplete uninstallations or temporary files being left behind. Excessive accumulation of empty files can clutter File Explorer, occupy valuable storage space, impact system performance when searching files.

That’s why, it is recommended to regularly delete empty files on Windows 11. However, exercise caution because not every empty file can be deleted. Some of them are necessary for the system or some certain apps.

In this article, we will offer you two useful ways to find and delete empty files on Windows PC. They are easy to operate even for novices.

How to delete empty files in the File Explorer

To find and delete empty files manually on your computer, you can follow these steps:

After the searching finishes, review the search results and ensure that the files you want to delete are indeed empty and not required by any software or system. For security purpose, always make a backup or create a restore point before deleting those files and making any significant changes to the computer.

Rather than finding these traces of the empty files manually, wouldn’t it be easier and cost less time to use a tool for you? Wise Duplicate Finder is a third-party tool that not only helps you find and remove duplicate files on your computer, but also find and delete empty files, which is helpful in freeing up disk space and organizing the files more efficiently.

How to use Wise Duplicate Finder to find and delete empty files

Step 1. Download and install

Click to download Wise Duplicate Finder from the official website. After installing, launch the app.

Step 2. Select the drive

Select the location where you want to scan for empty files by clicking the folder icon. It is suggested to scan for all disks if it is the first time you do this.

Step 3. Start scanning

Click on the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process. It usually only takes a few seconds.

Step 4. Review and select

Once the scan is over, Wise Duplicate Finder will display a list of duplicate files. Empty files will be displayed at first with 0 Bytes.

Review the empty files you want to delete carefully to make sure you will not delete any important data by mistake. After that, select the ones you want to delete.

Step 5. Delete select files

Click on the "Delete Selected" button to remove the selected empty files from your system. Click “Yes” when the confirmation window pops up.

Sum up

Wise Duplicate Finder offers an ultimate way to find and delete empty files on a Windows PC. It even has the Back up and Restore features to prevent users from deleting those important files accidentally. If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, welcome to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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