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How to Quick Search Local Files with Free Wise JetSearch

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

by Vivian

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Wise JetSearch is a free search tool to help users quickly search local files by key words. It is much faster and easy-to-use alternative to windows search. It can search initially when you enter key letters. The users can also deal with the files they found by right click.
Wise JetSearch
Free Local File Search Tool
Quickly search everything like files, videos, images, music on local drives, and removable drives, both FAT and exFAT drive is supported.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of file data. Even though I keep it well organized, there are times when I have to use a search utility to find what it is that I am looking for. Since I am sure that there are others who are in the same boat, I thought that it might be help to talk about Wise JetSearch which is a free utility for fast file searching.

How to quick search local files? Wise JetSearch is a free local search tool. With it you can search files or folders from all your local drives in just a few seconds. It’s free and very easy to use. Have a try now! 

How to quick search local files? Here, we will show you the easiest way to find out your local files just in a few seconds.

Step 1: Download and install Wise JetSearch and then launch it on the windows computer.



Step 2:  Click drop-down menu to select the hard disk drive your want to search such as I want to search E:\.



Step 3: Input keywords (filename, wildcard, file type), and then click "Search" button to find the files. Here I want to find my lost photo from E:\.


Step 4: After you find the lost file/folder, you can open, view, copy and delete it by right-click menu.



Moreover, if you just want to search a file in a special type, you can use *.file extension (eg *.png) to search all the files whose file extensions are .png.

Would you like to have a try? Wise JetSearch will search for you automatically and then show you the basic details of the file/folder. Since it didn't create an index like everything, it can find the file immediately. So it is much faster than the built-in search feature in Windows. If you have any questions, please contact us by leaving a message.