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Select the Best Live Wallpaper App for Windows 11

Oct 24, 2023

People used to search for exquisite images as wallpaper, which is easy and convenient indeed. But it is also simple to set up videos as the desktop wallpaper with third-party apps. The article introduced the 5 best live wallpaper apps analyzing their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can choose the best-suited one. 

Free and practical live wallpaper apps:

1. Lively Wallpapers

Lively Wallpaper

With a simplified interface, the Lively Wallpapers provides users with 12 premade backgrounds, including interactive and common dynamic wallpapers. Users can add and customize their videos as live wallpaper.



2. Desktop Hut

Deskto Hut

As a free app, Desktop Hut may be welcome among gamers and anime lovers because it hosts massive captivating wallpaper under games, anime, abstract, Sci-fi, and more categories. Users can easily download 4K live backgrounds and screensavers from it. Additionally, it can not only support Windows but also apply to mobiles and tablets. 



3. WinDynamicDesktop


As one of the most famous live wallpaper applications, WinDynamicDesktop is known for its feature that brings the dynamic wallpaper of macOS to Windows 11. Thus, for those users who love live wallpapers of Apple, WinDynamicDesktop is a reliable choice undoubtedly. 



Paid live wallpaper apps

1. Wallpaper Engine 

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is a one-time paid program ($3.99). However, it offers a powerful customization feature allowing users to personalize their live wallpapers. Besides, if you master some knowledge of image-processing software, you probably can tailor some stunning wallpapers to the program. Based on this feature, Wallpaper Engine supports users in sharing their backgrounds to Android service and Steams, correspondingly, users can also download others’ wallpapers from Steam. 



2. DeskSpaces 


Deskspaces is another paid program ($3.99) but users can get a free 30-day trial. Different from other live wallpaper apps, DeskSpaces offers the classic wallpapers of Windows 11. It also allows users to customize wallpaper and create their own backgrounds with online or offline videos or pictures. If you want to cycle play your favorite wallpapers, create a playlist to make it.


Three free and two paid live wallpaper apps are presented above, let’s select the best-suited dynamic wallpaper app to get rid of boring static backgrounds now. If you have any other tips about computers, welcome to share them with WiseCleaner.