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How to Change Homepage in Google Chrome

Sep 30, 2022

Like Microsoft Edge, the homepage in Google Chrome is not enabled by default, because these two companies treat the concept of a home page very differently from other main browsers such as Firefox. The homepage won’t be opened when launching Chrome. It only shows when you click the home icon on the toolbar. To change the homepage in Chrome, users have to make the home icon show on the toolbar firstly.

How to change Chrome’s homepage

Step 1. Open Settings.

Open Google Chrome from Start. Click on Customize and control Google Chrome with three vertical points in the top-right corner of the toolbar. Choose Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Open Appearance.

Click on Appearance on the left.

Step 3. Show the home button and type the website.

Enable the home button by switching Show home button on. You can simply choose the New tab page as the homepage. But it is recommended to customize it to your page by entering custom web address in the box.

Step 4. View the changes.

Restart Google Chrome. There will be a home button that looks like a small house next to Reload this page on the toolbar.

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