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How to Keep Laptop Running When You Close the Lid ?

May 7, 2014

Sometimes, some of computer users don’t want to keep their laptop lids open when they are downloading some files from the Internet, especially they have to leave for a while. Besides, some of them hope their computers continue to run and play music on the road. For this reason, keeping the lids open seems to be really troublesome when they take their laptops to other places.

However, the problem is that the Internet disconnects automatically when they close their laptop lids, which makes some of computer users very depressed. Is there a way to keep the laptop running while the lid is closed? The answer is Yes. In order to achieve the effect you desire, you just need to simply make some changes to the system settings. Before beginning, it’s important to note that the method is best suited for Windows 7 users. Of course, you can have a try if your Windows operating system is Vista or Windows 8.

For Windows 7 Users:

Step 1. Click on the “Start” button which is on the lower left side of your screen. Then navigate to Control Panel and click it.

Step 2. Go to the System and Security section and directly click it.

Step 3. In the System and Security window, move to Power Options. Click the Change what the power buttons do section.

Step 4. In the settings window, you’ll see the option titled When I close the lid. Then you can make changes the settings by clicking the two drop down boxes.

Step 5. Set the On battery and Plugged in to Do nothing. When it is done, please click Save changes button.

For Windows 8 Users:

Step 1. Go to the Start screen, search for Power and run Power Options. You can also reach Power Options from Control panel.

Step 2. Click the Change what the power buttons doe section on the left pane. This will let you change the power settings. Set the On battery and Plugged in to Do nothing. Click Save Changes when done.

Now, you’ll find that your laptop won’t go to sleep when you close the lid. And the Internet access isn’t cut off and your game still keeps online.