How to check your system temperature

Jul 24, 2015

Heat management is important to maintain a healthy computer, you may encounter slow performance or unexpected shutdown, one of the most essential components in your PC is the CPU, so you should always make sure that it is running cool.

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It is important to monitor of heat being generated inside your computer, and the computer that gets too hot may suffer from damaged circuits, resulting in frequent system crashes, and a slowing down of system processes. Follow this article to keep checking your system temperature.

Method 1: Using BIOS

1. BIOS is the menu that makes you adjust your computer’s basic settings. The interface of the BIOS will allow you to check the temperature, you can access the BIOS when your computer boots up.

2. Press the BIOS keys in time or your computer will boot normally and you will have to try again.

3. Try to find the hardware monitor, please be noted that different BIOS programs will have different section labels.

4. Check your CPU temperature.

Method 2: Using Wise System Monitor

Free download small utilities that enable you to monitor your CPU temperature.

ADM Processor

Hard Drive:

It is also worth mentioning that Wise System Monitor also has floating windows, so you can monitor your system temperature easily.

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