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How to Keep Your Computer Safety

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

by Vivian

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There are so many viruses, spyware and malware infections on the internet so that it is hard to feel safe. Many people think that they are protected if they have any antivirus software on their computer, but that is only part of keeping your PC safe. To make your computer truly safety and keep those identity thieves at bay, read on for some lesser-known tips.
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First of all, you need to make sure that your antivirus software is up to date. This includes making sure that all virus definitions are downloaded on your computer. In addition, if you have a paid antivirus software subscription, it usually lasts around one year. If the subscription expires, it won’t protect your computer any more.

Make sure to clean up your hard drive regularly

This is why your computers are slow due to there are too much files. You can use Wise Disk Cleaner to clean the junks of browsers, remove junk and useless files of windows and defragment your disk.


Remove programs that are useless to you. 

Too many useless programs in your computer can make it slow. You should always uninstall such programs to prevent your computer from running slow.



Don’t open unknown e-mail.

Don’t open an e-mail attachment if you don’t know who sent it, no matter how tempting any presumed offer may be. 



Use social media safely

When we integrate Facebook and other social media into our daily life, we also make ourselves more vulnerable to malware.  



Are these proposals useful for you to keep your computer safety? If you would like to further discuss about it, please contact us by leaving a message.