5 Ways to Schedule Auto Shutdown on Windows 11

Sep 20, 2023

Running your computer for a long time may cause excessive heating and may even cause hardware deterioration. But what should you do if the task that the computer is performing has not been completed? Setting a time to automatically shut down your computer must be a good solution. This article will show you 5 different ways to shut down your computer automatically.

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Most people would think that running a computer for a long time will not cause any real damage to it, but this is not the case. Computer long-term work, CPU, memory, hard disk, and other important components will continue to run. It is very easy to cause excessive heat phenomenon, and may also lead to serious hardware aging, destroying the stability and life of the computer. Then the automatic shutdown plays a protective role so that the computer gets the rest it deserves.

Method1. Schedule Auto Shutdown using Run

Step1. Enter a command to set up automatic shutdown

Press Win + R to open the Run. Copy and paste the following command and hit the OK button.

shutdown -s -t

Notice: You need to replace with the number of seconds before shutdown. For example, shutdown -s -t 3600 means shutdown after 1 hour.

Step2. Adjusting the time or canceling the shutdown

If you temporarily want to adjust the shutdown time or cancel the automatic shutdown, you can copy and paste the following command into the Run text box, and then click the OK button. Then enter the command of Step 1 to adjust the shutdown time.

shutdown –a

Method2. Schedule Auto Shutdown using Command Prompt

Step1. Run Command Prompt as administrator

Click on Windows Start and type Command Prompt in the search box. Find the matched item and run it as administrator.

Step2. Enter a command to set up automatic shutdown

Copy and paste the below command and hit Enter to execute.

shutdown -s -t

Notice: Replace with the actual wait time for shutdown. Below is the reference time. Hope it will help you.

1 hour = 3600 seconds

2 hours = 7200 seconds

3 hours = 10800 seconds

Method3. Schedule Auto Shutdown using Task Scheduler

Step1. Open the Task Scheduler

Click on Windows Start and type Task Scheduler in the search box. Find the matched item and open it.

Step2. Setting up Task Scheduler for automatic shutdown

After running Task Scheduler, click Create Basic Task in the right column of the window.

Set a name for this task in the new window that appears and name it Auto Shutdown. Click Next.

Next, choose how often the task should be performed, selecting the One time option. Click Next.

Now, select the date and exact time of the shutdown. Click Next.

Then, select Start a program and click Next to continue.

Paste the following location in the address bar under Program/script. And type -s in the arguments section. Once done, click Next.


Finally, click Finish to complete the setup task.

Method4. Schedule Auto Shutdown using a shortcut

Step1. Create a shortcut on the desktop

Right-click on an empty space on your desktop and select New, then click Shortcut.

Step2. Setting the shutdown time

Copy and paste the following commands into the text box. Then click Next.

shutdown -s -t xxxx

Notice: Please replace xxxx with the actual waiting time for shutdown.

Next, name the shortcut with shutdown. Click the Finish button.

Once created, you can find the shortcut on your desktop and run it to perform the action.

Method5. Schedule Auto Shutdown using Wise Auto Shutdown

To set up an automatic shutdown task more easily and quickly, you can use the third-party software Wise Auto Shutdown. Wise Auto Shutdown is a free and professional utility that helps you automatically shut down, restart, sleep, hibernate, etc. You can set it any time, and it can help you complete tasks within the corresponding time.

Step1. Download and install Wise Auto Shutdown

If you have not yet downloaded Wise Auto Shutdown, you can click here to download it safely.

Step2. Setting the automatic shutdown using Wise Auto Shutdown

Run Wise Auto Shutdown, and select Shut down as the task. Then set the time for the computer to shut down automatically.

  • Specified time

You can set a specific date and your computer will automatically shut down at that specific time.

  • From now

You can set the computer to shut down a few hours or minutes from now.

  • Daily

When you set a time, the computer will automatically shut down at the same time every day.

  • On idle

You can set the idle time for your computer. For example, if you set the idle time to 1 hour, then your computer will shut down after 1 hour of idle time.

Once the time has been set successfully, click the Start Task button in the lower right corner of the window.

If you want to cancel the task, you just run Wise Auto Shutdown, and click Cancel Task in the lower right corner of the window.


Overall, setting your computer to shut down automatically is a very useful feature that not only frees your hands and reduces the wear and tear on your computer's hardware, but also allows your computer to rest quietly after completing your tasks.

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