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How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically on Schedule

Friday, March 29, 2019

by Vivian

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Are you tired of cleaning up the recycle bin manually on your windows desktop? Are you willing to free up more space for your computer? Here are the steps on how to empty recycle bin automatically on schedule.
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When you click the “Delete” button on your keyboard, Windows will move the file to the recycle bin, which can help you to recover the file if you deleted it by

accidently. However, the recycle bin will take up much space disk on your computer as the files you deleted are not removed from your PC. Here we will discuss 

how to empty recycle bin automatically on schedule. 

Step 1: Search “Task Scheduler” in “Start”. 

task schedule.png


Step 2: Right-click “Task Scheduler Library” and choose “New Folder”. 

task schedule library.png


Step 3: Name the folder “My Tasks”. 

My task.png


Step 4: Right click the newly created folder and select “Create task”.

create task.png


Step 5: input a name on the general tab like Empty Recycle Bin. 

general tab.png


Step 6: Click “New” on the triggers tab to create an action. 

trigger tab.png


Step 7: Here you can pick from a number of trigger actions. 

begin a task.png


Step 8: Click “New” on the Actions tab. 

actions tab.png


Step 9: Enter “cmd.exe” and on “Add arguments” then input the following argument: /c "echo Y|PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin"

Step 10: Don’t forget to click OK. Now the task will run automatically at the trigger condition you have configured. 

If you think the above steps are too difficult, try to use Wise Care 365, which can help you clear recycle bin with only one-click:


Of course, you can also set a schedule task on Wise Care 365. So easy, right?

schedule task.png

Welcome to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about using the above steps to empty the recycle bin automatically.