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PC Problem Automatic Fix Tool

Wise PC 1stAid is an intelligent software which has assembled most common PC problems and helps you fix them automatically through an intelligent process.

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How to Use Wise PC 1stAid to Fix PC Problems?

Wise PC 1stAid can solve most common PC problems, such as: Desktop icon error, Hyperlinks in IE can’t be opened, can’t open task manager, program running not smoothly, and so on.

Step 1: When Wise PC 1stAid is launched, the main interface will be displayed.


Step 2: Wise PC 1stAid can solve PC problems automatically such as can’t open links, Hyperlinks in IE can’t be opened, can’t open Task Manager, can’t open web pages when surfing the internet and so on. Here we will take “can’t open task manager” as an example.


Step 3: Please read the notice first and then click “Fix Now”.

Notes: The system may need to be restarted after completing repair. Please be sure to save your work in advance.


Step 4: After the repair process has finished, please confirm whether the problem has been resolved.


Step 5, if you can’t find your problem in the list; please click “Seek Answers” and submit it to our official tech forum to seek further help.


Step 6: Fill in your problems including your username and E-mail, and then click “submit problem



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