Wise Auto Shutdown

Free PC Shutdown & Log Off & Sleep Tool

With this convenient and automatic PC shutdown tool to easily schedule your computer to Shut down, Log-off, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock Screen, and close power at any time you want.

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A Quick Tutorial on How to Use Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown is a free and professional utility to shut down your PC automatically. With its help, you can easily schedule your computer to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and close power at any time you want. Moreover, Wise Auto Shutdown will remind you of your choice five minutes before it carries out the automatic task.

Steps to schedule your PC shut down automatically

Step 1: Launch Wise Auto Shutdown

After you start Wise Auto Shutdown, you will find that the window is divided into left and right 2 parts, the left side is the task type, and the right side is the time to execute the task.

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Step 2: Set task

Please select the type of task you want to perform on the left panel. Then set a task time on the right panel.


Step 3: Start task

After the setting is finished, please click the “Start Task” button, and you will see a prompt that Wise Auto Shutdown will minimize to the system tray. You can double-click on the icon to open the Wise Auto Shutdown window.

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Important Tips:

Wise Auto Shutdown reminds you 5 minutes before the task is executed that you still have the opportunity to cancel the task or delay the task to ensure that you have enough time to finish or save the current work.



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