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What Do the Function Keys ( F1 to F12) Do on Windows 11

Sep 19, 2023

The keyboard is not strange to us, which is applied to work, study, play games and more. However, we seldom notice some keys of the keyboard because they are rarely to be used. F1 through F12 keys (Function keys or F-keys), for instance, are usually smaller and lie at the top of the keyboard in a row, but people do not know clearly about their function and might be confused about the patterns on them. 


If the F-key has an icon on it, that indicates the key has a secondary function, which works with the Fn key in the majority of situations. But there is no standard for the secondary function within different computers. Therefore, this article mainly introduces the F-keys’ basic function.


Press F1 to open the Help screen or web page.


Press F2 can rename an icon, folder or file, and enter BIOS setup as the computer is booting


Press F3 will open the Find box to find keywords of the current page in browsers and open the search box in the File Explore.


F4 is commonly used with Ctrl or Alt to close window, what’s more, pressing Alt+F4 can open or close the Shut Down Windows window.


Refresh is the common function of F5, which can refresh or reload the page in all modern Internet browsers.


Press F6 to move the cursor to the address bar in most Internet browsers.


Press F7 to turn on Caret Browsing in Internet browsers.


Press F8 to enter the Windows startup menu, commonly used to access Windows Safe Mode


F9 plays different functions in different programs and systems. For example, turn down the volume in Windows Media Player, send and receive emails in Outlook and more. 


Press F10 can enter the BIOS setup when the computer is booting. Besides, press Shift+F10 has the same result as right-clicking a highlighted icon, file and more.


Press F11 to enter and exit Fullscreen mode in all modern Internet browsers.


In the browser page, press F12 to open the browser debug tool.

Actually, F-keys are shortcut keys with a special function that may be combined with Alt or Ctrl keys in certain instances. For more details, please refer to this article: What Are the Functions of F1 to F12 in Microsoft Office