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Select Multiple Items Easier on Windows 11 by Enabling Check Box

Jun 28, 2023

When you check more than one options, enabling Items check boxes will help you easily distinguish from multiple files, folders, drivers as well as desktop icons by displaying a check box on top-left corner of the selected item.

How to enable Item check boxes on Windows 11

Step 1. Open File Explorer

Press Windows + X on the keyboard to open the Power User Task Menu, then press E key.

Step 2. View and Show

Under the top title bar, click open the drop-down menu of View, and select the downmost option, Show.

Step 3. Select Item check boxes

On the drop-down menu of Show, there is an option named Item check boxes.

Enable the check box feature by selecting Item check boxes.

To disable the feature, uncheck it.

After enabling Item check boxes, every time you select an item, there is a check box on its left or on the top-left corner of its icon depending on the view type you set. If you find this helpful, please visit WiseCare Think Tank to get more Windows tricks.