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How to Make the PC Quiet by Turning Off Notifications

Dec 8, 2022

You may find distracting notifications quite annoying when you need to stay focused. Windows let users turn off the notifications easily with two main methods.

Method 1. Disable Notifications

It is annoying when notifications pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen. Not to mention most of them are not even useful. Turning off the notifications is recommend for Windows users. By doing so, any notifications from apps will be disabled, and thus get a clean circumstance while using computer.

Step 1. Open Settings

Press Win+X to open the Power User Menu, then press N to open Windows Settings screen.

Step 2. Select Notifications

Under System page, select Notifications from the right pane by tapping it.

Step 3. Disable Notifications

To disable Notifications, switch the toggle of it to Off.

Method 2. Enable Focus Assist

The Focus assist can be used for games and work without interruption to let you focus more on them and have a immersive experience. It works best together with Method 1.

Step 1. Select Focus assist

Click on Focus assist under Notifications when you have turned Notifications off.

Step 2. Set Focus assist

On this page, you can set Focus assist by selecting Off and choosing the Automatic rules under different specific times or certain conditions.

You will find your computer clean and quiet without any annoying notification as a new one. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section. Professional WiseCleaner will always offer you better solutions to optimize your Windows PCs and make them at best performance.