How to Convert PDF to Image on Windows 11

Mar 27, 2024

You may have the requirement of converting PDF pages to images like JPG or PNG. This post will show you how to easily make it with Wise PDF Editor.

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Converting PDFs to image format could be important as it allows you to easily share them on your social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and embed them in presentations or documents. What’s more, it can also help reduce file size, as some PDFs can take up more drive space than image files.

There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you convert PDF files to images, and some of them work well, for instance, Wise PDF Editor, which is a professional and full-featured PDF file editing tool. In addition to converting between PDFs and various other files, it can also be used to merge, split, compress, and extract PDF files.

Steps to convert PDF to image

Now, let me show you how to use Wise PDF Editor to convert your PDF files to images within several simple steps.

Step 1. Getting Wise PDF Editor

The premise of converting is installing Wise PDF Editor. You can download and install it by clicking here.

Step 2. Navigating the PDF to Image function

Open the homepage of Wise PDF Editor, then you will see the raw of tools for editing PDFs there, such as Edit PDF, PDF to Word, PDF to Image, Merge PDF, Split PDF, and more. Select PDF to Image to go on.

Step 3. Adding PDF files to convert

You can click the Add Files button to upload your PDF file, or you can directly drag and drop it. Please note, the PDF to Image function supports converting multiple files simultaneously to save your time.

Step 4. Customizing output settings

After uploading the PDFs for conversion, make any necessary adjustments. This includes selecting the desired image format (PNG, JPG, BMP, or TIF), defining image resolution, and choosing whether to convert each page into a separate image or consolidate selected pages into a single image.

Finally, select an output path to save the image files, then click the Start button to execute the converting process.

By the way, incidentally, if you click on the "More Features" option located in the lower left corner, you will discover the ability not only to convert PDF to other formats but also to convert various other file formats to PDF


With Wise PDF Editor's help, converting PDFs to image formats has become easier, improving your document management and sharing capabilities by seamlessly transforming PDFs into image files.

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