How to Manage Windows 10 User Account

Dec 19, 2018

It is allowed to use multiple account in windows, which can help users to manage their own files and applications separately. In this article, I will show you how to enable and disable a Windows 10 user account.

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It is convenient to have multiple users accounts on the same device in Windows, however, if you have a user account that you want to make unavailable without deleting it, you can disable the account, of course, the disabled account can be enabled again. Now I will show you how to do that. In order to enable or disable user accounts, you need to be signed in as Administrator.

Disable/Enable a User Account

Step 1. Run Command Prompt

Type “CMD” into the search box, and right-click “Run as administrator”.

Step 2. Enter the command

Type or copy the following command, and hit Enter. After that, the user account will be disabled, and you won’t find it as an active account.

Net user “User Name” /active:no

Step 3. Enable the user account

It is easy to enable this user account again, by just typing the following command:

Net user “User Name” /active:yes

Multi-user Cleaning

If you want to scan and clean all users’ registries at the same time instead of logging in to an individual account, Wise Registry Cleaner is your best choice, with its help, you don’t need to log in under each account to scan and fix registry issues.

In settings, you can select the users you wish Wise Registry Cleaner to manage:

Do you have any methods to manage user account in windows? Welcome to drop a comment below.

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