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4 Laptop Caring Tips to Keep Your Laptop Healthy

Feb 20, 2014

After spending a considerable amount of money on buying a hi-tech laptop, it is only natural that you will want to do everything you can to keep the machine functioning perfectly. Follow this handy four-step plan and give your cherished device much more life than you could have ever imagined:

1. Watch out for loose labels on portable media There is a good chance that you will be using CDs and DVDs on your laptop from time to time. This is all well and good, but just ensure that none of these forms of portable media have loose labels hanging from their front display. Fail to spot a label that is not securely affixed and you could have a nightmare trying to remove the media from the drive once it becomes jammed. On the same train of thought, CDs that are obviously too small should never be inserted into a laptop drive, as they run a high risk of permanently damaging your gadget’s player. A little bit of common sense is all that is needed to prevent these problems from developing in the first place.

2. Watch out for rapid temperature changes You may think that your high-end and utterly mobile laptop will be able to handle any weather conditions in its stride, but this is far from the case. Turn your laptop on straight after bringing it indoors during the chilly winter months and there is the danger that its disk drive will suffer damage because of condensation. When the hot summer months roll around, keep your laptop out of the sunlight – the heat from the sun’s rays can easily frazzle the device’s components when it is already trying to keep cool from being on in the first place. Also, consider removing the laptop battery from your laptop if it’s connected to A/C power as this will reduce heat generated from charging, hence making your laptop battery lifespan longer.

3. Seek out the experts for maintenance checks A car is dropped off at a garage once a year for a service and the dentists will get in touch to book a check-up of your teeth every six months, so why shouldn’t your lavish laptop get the same amount of care? Head down to your local high street to find a computer professional who will be able to clean your laptop of internal dust – a build-up will prevent a gadget from cooling correctly. Meanwhile, One IT Support can provide laptop repair services to businesses and homes around north-east England for whatever problem you have encountered with your portable device, both onsite and remotely.

4. Invest in a suitable carry case You should not just be thinking about how you can protect everything that makes a laptop function. One of the standout features of a laptop is that you can use it wherever you go, but you should take care when transporting the device from A to B. There are so many specialist laptop bags on the market today, which are padded to keep your gadget secure. Most of these bags also offer the additional benefit of being designed with compartments for storing all of your laptop accessories and any extra equipment.

If you are the type of person that find caring for your laptop is the most difficult thing in the world for you, then there’s this alternative called rugged laptop that is designed to function in harsh conditions that you might like to check out.