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Funny Tips: How to Turn Your Computer Screen Upside Down

Dec 23, 2013

--- Rotating the Screen in Windows Vista and 7 --- 1 Ensure screen rotation is enabled. If screen rotation is not enabled, you can enable this feature with a few quick clicks. Begin by clicking "Start". 2 Click on "Control Panel" → "Appearance and Personalization" → "Display". 3 Click on "Display Settings" → "Advanced Settings". 4 Choose the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel tab". Proceed to "Graphic Properties." 5 Select "Rotation" and make sure "Enable Rotation" is checked. 6 Select "180 degrees" and press "Apply" to test your changes. Note that this might also appear as "Flipped Landscape". 7 Confirm or cancel your new settings. Press "OK" to accept. You may now use a keyboard shortcut to quickly flip your screen display. 8 Press "Ctrl+Alt+Down" at the same time. The direction of the arrow determines the screen orientation. For example, if you'd like the top of the screen to be at 90° right, press the right arrow key. 9 Press "Ctrl+Alt+Up" to return the screen to its normal position.