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Funny Tips: How to Turn Your Computer Screen Upside Down

Dec 23, 2013

Rotating the Screen in Windows Vista and 7

1. Ensure screen rotation is enabled.

If screen rotation is not enabled, you can enable this feature with a few quick clicks. Begin by clicking "Start".

2. Click on "Control Panel" → "Appearance and Personalization" → "Display".

3. Click on "Display Settings" → "Advanced Settings".

4. Choose the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel tab". Proceed to "Graphic Properties."

5. Select "Rotation" and make sure "Enable Rotation" is checked.

6. Select "180 degrees" and press "Apply" to test your changes. Note that this might also appear as a "Flipped Landscape".

7. Confirm or cancel your new settings. Press "OK" to accept. You may now use a keyboard shortcut to quickly flip your screen display.

8. Press "Ctrl+Alt+Down" at the same time. The direction of the arrow determines the screen orientation. For example, if you'd like the top of the screen to be at 90° right, press the right arrow key.

9. Press "Ctrl+Alt+Up" to return the screen to its normal position.