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How to Update the Time Automatically on Windows 11

Dec 11, 2023

In the digital daily life and work, accuracy is the rhythm that orchestrates our interactions, appointments, and schedules. Securing your connection to the correct time may seem a technical trifle, yet its impact is profound. Incorrect timestamps haunt your emails and misguide your reminders.

Let us walk through 3 easy methods to ensure that your Windows 11 system always keeps time with the unwavering tick of the global clock:

3 methods to update Windows 11 time automatically

Updating the time automatically on Windows 11 is very easy, and you can do it in a few steps. Here is how:

Method 1. Check the Time zone settings

Right-click on the clock in the Taskbar and select Adjust date and time to open the Date & time settings page.

Additionally, you can open the Date & time settings page by opening Windows Settings and selecting Time & language, then selecting Date & time from the right pane.

  • Ensure that the Time zone is set correctly. Your clock might be wrong because of your time zone. Turn on the switch of Set time zone automatically and check if the time is correct. This will let Windows 11 detect your location and adjust the time zone accordingly.
  • If you want to change the time zone, you can manually select one from the drop-down menu under Time zone.

Method 2. Set time automatically

Additionally, under the Date & time settings page, you will also find a toggle switch labeled Set time automatically.

  • Make sure this switch is turned on.
  • If it is turned on already, turn off the Set time automatically option, wait a few seconds, and then re-enable it. This will enable Windows 11 to refresh the time automatically based on your location and time zone.

Method 3. Sync the time

The last thing you could update the time in Settings is to synchronize your clock immediately with an internet time server:

  • In the Date & time settings, click on Sync now under the Additional settings section. This will update the time using the Internet time server.


Updating the time automatically on Windows 11 is a simple and convenient feature that can save you the hassle of manually adjusting the time every time you change your location or time zone. By following the methods in this WiseCleaner post, you can easily enable this feature and enjoy the updated time on your Windows 11 system.