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How to Clean Up Laptop Spills?

Dec 12, 2013

Spilling coffee on your laptop will not only ruin your morning, but it can also ruin your computer. Act quickly if this happens, because it only takes seconds for liquids to destroy the hard drive of a laptop computer. Here are a few steps to save your laptop computer after a spill.


1. Shut down the computer immediately.

2. Wipe up any liquid. Tilt the computer to the side to drain any liquids.

3. Remove any removable parts from the laptop, including the power cord, printer and mouse cables, floppy drive, CD drive, modem cards, and battery. Do not disassemble the laptop body to remove internal parts.

4. Once the parts are removed, gently lift the computer and turn it to the side and upside down to drain any liquid. Tilt the computer in various directions to verify that there are no pools of liquid lurking, but be careful not to shake it or handle it roughly.

5. Repeat with the floppy drive and other removable parts.

6. Use a hair dryer in a cool setting to dry the laptop and its parts if you can.

7. Allow the computer and its removable parts to dry for 24 hours before you reassemble it and turn it back on. (If you are under a tight deadline, let the laptop dry for at least an hour before you reassemble it.)

8. If the computer does not work properly or turn on, bring it to a computer repair professional, although the damage might be irreparable. Spills are one of the leading causes of laptop deaths.