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6 Ways to Lock Your Windows 11 PC

Oct 27, 2023

Lock the PC is imperative when you leave it temporarily. On the one hand, it will be safer than shutting down sometimes, because it can not only prevent your private information from others but resume where you just left off. On the other hand, you can open the computer directly by inputting the password. Compared with the shutdown, locking the computer will be less time-consuming.

Method 1. Lock the PC by using short keys 

Press Win + L will lock your PC directly. 

Method 2. Lock the device via the Ctrl +Alt +Delete keys

Step 1. Press the Ctrl +Alt +Delete simultaneously on the keyboard

Step 2. Tap on the Lock button in the pop-up window 

Method 3. Lock the PC from the Start

Step 1. Click Start, hit the active user account name on the left bottom corner

Step 2. Select the Lock option to lock your PC

Method 4. Create a desktop shortcut to lock the screen

Step 1. Right-click on the desktop and select New> Shortcut


Step 2. Type in the following text to the box under the Type the location of the item

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Step 3. Click the Next button and name the shortcut like LOCK or something

Step 4. Hit the Finish button, then the LOCK shortcut will display on the desktop


Double-click LOCK on the desktop and your PC will be locked at once. Simple to create and delete. 

Method 5. Lock the PC from the Task Manager

Step 1. Right-click the taskbar and left-click the Task Manager 

Step 2. On the left panel, select the User tab

Step 3. Click the active user account> Disconnect> Disconnect User


Method 6. Lock the screen via Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock, specifically, is that the Windows system can automatically lock the screen when you are away with your phone which is paired with your PC via Bluetooth. 

Step 1. Click Start button

Step 2. Tap on Settings> Accounts> Sign-in options> Dynamic Lock

Step 3. Select Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away. 


Thus, your PC will connect to your device successfully. Don’t forget to take your phone with you when you leave your computer beyond a certain distance so that the screen will lock automatically. Personally speaking, it will be better to use the Dynamic Lock feature, in that case, your computer will lock itself even if you forget to lock it manually. But you have to carry your phone.  Last but not least, the locked PC can be easily opened by hitting any keys and input your password.

There is no standard to use which method to lock your PC. One of them may be more convenient in some cases. But all of the methods above are easy to master. If you have any other ideas, welcome to share them with WiseCleaner.