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How to Create Copilot Desktop Shortcut on Windows 11

Oct 26, 2023

Microsoft Copilot refers to Microsoft's AI companion that will cover all of Microsoft's apps and experiences. With Copilot, it can answer your questions in natural language, summarize content, customize settings, troubleshoot issues, connect your favorite apps, and take action.

If you use Copilot frequently and want quick access, creating a desktop shortcut is a good way to do it. This article will tell you how to create a Copilot shortcut on the desktop and customize the shortcut icon.

How to Create a Copilot Desktop Shortcut

To create a Copilot Shortcut on your desktop, you need to check if the version of your computer has been updated to version 23H2. If it hasn't, please update it first.

Step1. Creating shortcuts on the desktop

Right-click on the desktop, then select 'New' and choose ‘Shortcut’.

Step2. Edit Shortcuts

In the Create Shortcut window, copy the following location into the text box under ‘Type the location of the item’ and click Next.


Name this shortcut, you can name it Copilot. Finally, click Finish.

After completing the above steps, you will see a shortcut icon for Copilot on your desktop. Double-click on this shortcut to access Copilot.

How to Customize the Copilot Shortcut Icon

After creating a shortcut to Copilot, you will notice that it has the same icon as the Microsoft Edge logo. If you also have the Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop, then it will be easily confused. You can customize the Copilot Shortcut icon by following the steps below.

Step1. Open the properties of the shortcut

Right-click on the newly created Copilot shortcut and select Properties.

Step2. Changing the shortcut icon

In the Copilot Properties dialog box, select Web Document tab, and then click on Change Icon.

Next, you can click on the Browse button to select any of the available icons on your computer. Please note that the icons should be in .ico format.

Select the appropriate icon, click the drop-down button at the bottom right of the window, select the format as .ico, and click Open.

Next, make sure the icon is selected, and click OK.

Finally, click Apply and select OK to save the changes.

Microsoft Copilot provides a lot of convenience for computer use. Creating a desktop shortcut, which can help us to access Copilot more quickly, so we can do our work more efficiently and easily on Windows. If you have other difficulties with computer use, welcome to visit WiseCleaner.