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Remove spyware from your computer

Nov 4, 2013

If you have spyware or other potentially unwanted software on your computer, you should use an antispyware scanner and removal tool to try to remove it. You can also try to remove spyware manually. You might need to use both of these methods more than once to completely remove the spyware or other potentially unwanted software.

Use an antispyware scanner and removal tool

Windows Defender is a feature in this version of Windows that can help prevent spyware and other potentially unwanted software from infecting your computer. When Windows Defender is on, you're notified if spyware and other potentially unwanted software tries to run or install itself on your computer. You choose whether to ignore, quarantine (move to a different location on your computer where it can't run), or remove each item that's detected.

Spyware scanners are also frequently included in antivirus programs. If you've already installed an antivirus program, check to see if that program includes spyware protection features or if you can add them as an update, and then scan your computer regularly. For more information about spyware, go online to the Microsoft Security website.

Remove spyware manually

Spyware can sometimes be hard to remove. If an antispyware program notifies you that it can't remove spyware, follow the instructions provided by the antispyware program. If that doesn't work, try these options:

1. Try installing an antivirus or another antispyware program. Many antivirus programs also come with antispyware protection.

2. Check Programs and Features for items that don't belong on your computer.

Use this method with extreme caution. Control Panel lists many programs, most of which are not spyware. Many spyware programs use special installation methods to avoid showing up in Programs and Features. Occasionally, a spyware program will offer an uninstall option and can be removed with this method. Only remove programs that you can positively identify as spyware, and don't remove programs that you might want to keep, even if you don't use them very often. For advanced uninstall, use Wise Program Uninstaller.

3. Reinstall Windows.

Some spyware can hide itself so well that it can't be removed. If you still see evidence of spyware after trying to remove it with an antispyware program or after trying to uninstall it using Control Panel, you might need to reinstall Windows and your programs.