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How to Set The Default Browser on Windows 10

Dec 1, 2022

Everyone has a browser they're used to, and Microsoft Edge isn't the only option for all Windows users. Setting the commonly used browser as the system default browser can provide convenience for our work. Changing your Windows browser is also easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

You can refer to the following steps to set your default browser:

1. Open Windows Settings

Use shortcut keys win+i to open windows settings.

2. Click on Apps to enter the details page

Click the Apps option from Windows Settings. Then you can see some options on the left side of the screen.

3. Select the Default apps tab

Click to enter the "Default apps" details page on the left side of the screen.

4. Open the selection box

Click the left mouse button under the column of a web browser to open the selection box, then you will get a list of categories for each one.

5. Choose a browser as the default

Click on each and select Chrome (such as google chrome) as the default browser.

6. Verification

After completing all these steps, you can simply exit the settings menu and see if the setting succeeds.

This action will not disable any other installed browsers, it will set the selected browser as the system's default browser and it simplifies the steps for you to open your favorite browser.