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How to Free up Disk Space Everyday with Windows Storage Sense

Nov 30, 2022

Downloaded and software newly generated data is stored on the disk. As these files continuously occupying the disk space, the computer slows down and doesn’t run smoothly. Enabling Storage Sense can help keep you computer without or with only few junk files and avoid this problem.

Step by step to enable Storage Sense

Step 1. Open Windows Settings

There is one simplest way to open Settings or any other Windows built-in programs. All you need to do is to type its name in Search and click it open from the result.

Step 2. Choose Storage

Under System, click on Storage.

Step 3. Select Storage Sense

You will see Storage Sense under Storage management. Switch the button to On and click it open.

Step 4. Set Storage Sense

Check the box of Cleanup of temporary files. Turn Automatic User content cleanup on. Set the frequency of Run Storage Sense, Delete recycle bin files and Delete Downloads folder files all to daily.

Now your Windows computer will automatically free up disk space and delete temporary files every day to keep the system running smoothly. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section. Professional WiseCleaner will always offer you better solutions to optimize your Windows PCs and make them at best performance.