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How to Disable Suggested Actions on Windows 11

Nov 25, 2022

Microsoft has released Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2) with several new features, and Suggested Actions is one of them. If you don't want to use it, this article will tell you how to disable it.

What is Suggested Actions?

"Suggested Actions" is a feature that pops up an inline flyout menu with suggestions to make phone calls or create a calendar event when copying a phone number, date, or time to the clipboard.

For example, when you copy time, date, or phone number, you can choose to create a calendar or make a call in the pop-up window.

How to Disable Suggested Actions?

If this new feature doesn't appeal to you, or fares with your ability to use additional features, you can easily disable it.

Method1. Disable the Suggested Actions from the Settings.

Step1. Open the Clipboard.

Press Win + I to open the Settings, or right-click the Windows Start icon and select Settings. Click the System on the left pane, and scroll down to locate and click the ‘Clipboard’ option on the right pane.

Step2. Disable the Suggested Actions.

Click the toggle button next to Suggested Actions to toggle the button to the off position.

Method2. Disable the Suggested Actions using Registry Editor.

Instead of using Settings, you can also use the Registry Editor to disable Suggested Actions.

Step1. Enter the disable registry location.

Click the Windows Start icon and type Registry Editor in the search box. Click on the matching item to continue the following operation.

Copy the path below, paste it to the address bar, and click Enter.


Step2. Edit Disabled DWORD value.

Double-click on the Disabled DWORD file on the right pane to edit the value. Finally, change the value data to 0 and click OK to close the window.

Restart the computer to see if the suggested Actions is disabled.

The above is how to disable suggested Actions. Although suggested actions can bring us some convenience, some users may not really need to use it. Fortunately, we can easily disable it. If you have other problems with computer usage, you can visit WiseCleaner, which has a lot of computer tips, and hope it can help you.