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Know The Resolution of The Display

Nov 23, 2022

The resolution of the display is related to the fineness of the picture, and it is also the parameter that many players consider first when choosing a display. We often see resolutions such as FHD and QHD, which are easily confused. Let's talk about the resolution of the display.

The resolution of the early picture tube (CRT) monitors did not have these claims. At that time, the monitors were within 1024x768, or even only 640x480, and there were no fancy resolutions, so there was no trouble. However, with the rise of liquid crystal displays, the resolution of displays is getting higher and higher, and different resolutions of high-definition have gradually appeared.

Know the resolution of the display

HD refers to high-definition, that is, 720P, and its standard is 1280x720, and the advanced resolution is FHD, which is full high-definition, that is, 1080P, and its standard is 1920×1080. The P in both standards refers to the vertical resolution.

After coming to 2K, the horizontal resolution became the basis of naming, among which 2K is QHD, which means quadruple high-definition, and its standard is 2560x1440, while 4K is UHD, which means ultra-high definition, and its standard is 3840x2160.

No matter how high the resolution is, 5K and 8K will appear, and after exceeding 4K, they will all be called UHD, instead of being divided into separate names. Among them, the standard resolution of 5K is 5210x2880, and the standard resolution of 8K is 7680x4320.

It is easy to find that QHD is the size after splicing 4 pieces of 720P, and UHD is the size after splicing 4 pieces of 1080P, so the pixels of 4K resolution is not 4 times that of 2K.

Although there are standard resolutions for each name, things are not that simple. As we said earlier, 720P and 1080P refer to the vertical resolution, while 2K/4K and so on refer to the horizontal resolution. A display with a resolution of 3840x1080, so should it be counted as 1080P or 4K?

Another thing to note is that although the higher the resolution of the monitor, the more delicate the displayed picture, it does not mean that the higher the resolution of the monitor, the better, because the distance between most players and the monitor is fixed. After the resolution reaches a certain degree of finesse, it is meaningless to increase it, so there is no need to blindly pile up the resolution.