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November 27, 2013

Killer Tools to Get The Most Out of Your USB Thumb Drive

At a basic level, it helps you store important data and transfer files related to your projects from one computer to another.
If you’ve only ever used your thumb drive for the entry-level tasks of storing and transferring data, it’s time to unleash the hidden potential of this tiny device. You should take a look at the following tools, all of which take this device to the next level and convert it to a power drive.
Below is an excellent suite of portable versions of software which can be installed on your USB thumb drive. If you install it, you don’t need to depend on the computer for these apps, because you have all of them right there on your thumb drive.
1. Foxit PDF Reader – What if Acrobat Viewer is not installed on customer’s PC. Always carry Foxit reader to read PDF files.
2. Pidgin – For multi-network chat pidgin is the best option. You may also add the encryption plugin to keep it secure.
3. uTorrent – Always carry a torrent client in your flash drive. I find uTorrent as the best peer-to-peer download client.
4. Wise Care 365 – Sometime, when you visit at client place you are handed over a computer that is not formatted and is cluttered with files. Wise Care 365 comes to your rescue. It is one of the best registry cleaner I have found.
5. Wise Program Uninstaller – It removes the unwanted application from the computer. Wise Program Uninstaller is an alternative way to uninstall the applications or programs from your computer. It is much better than ‘add/remove programs’.
6. Faststone Capture – This is one of the most important utility. You can easily take screenshots or edit them later for your presentations or blogging.
7. Wise Video Downloader – This tool will help you to search and download YouTube videos.
8. Irfanview – For image viewing and basic edits (crop, rotate, resize, etc.)
9. Skype – Helps in making cheap phone calls apart from regular chat and video chat.
10. FileZilla – One of the most downloaded ftp client. Its graphical user interface makes the task much easier.
11. GIMP – It is the open source image editor packaged as a portable app – very robust.
12. 7-Zip Portable – No need to install winrar or winzip. This tool handles zip, gzip, tar, rar etc
13. Allway Sync – It syncs files between your thumb drive and PC
14. TightVNC – Based on the popular VNC remote control software, this version can live on a thumb drive
15. Wise Data Recovery– Many times we delete the files accidently. This tool recovers accidentally deleted files even after they were deleted from the recycle bin
16. Infra Recorder Portable – It is one of the CD and DVD burning software.
17. BurnCDCC – It is a CD/DVD .ISO burning/recording tool using which you can create a CD or DVD from an ISO file.
18. Audacity – It is a simple audio editor and recorder.
19. Lingoes Portable Dictionary – This is portable dictionary. Just unzip it into USB Flash Drive and run it anywhere like cybercafe, school, library etc.
20. iKill – The most common source for spreading virus across computer is none other than USB drive or pen drive. Using iKill you can easily prevent your computer from deadly viruses or Trojan virus easily. Visit here for installation Steps.
21. On-Screen Keyboard – If you are working on a PC with a broken keyboard then do not worry. Until the keyboard is repaired you can use On-Screen Keyboard.
22. Email Client. If you’re using a desktop based email client, then I recommend downloading Thunderbird Portable for your thumb drive. It allows you to carry all your saved email and contacts with you. You’ll get this program if you install portable apps but you can install it separately as well.
23. Sync Files. If you store important data on your thumb drive then it’s also important to sync it with your computer and keep it updated. There are various tools which help you achieve this and among them the most popular are Sync Toy andSyncback SE. Syncback SE also has an option to trigger the sync activity automatically when inserted.
24. Tiny USB Office. Tiny USB Office is an excellent software suit for your USB thumb drive which includes lot of useful tools and can be installed at under 2.5 MB.
25. Wise Folder Hider. If you consider data on your thumb drive to be sensitive then you should encrypt the folders or files inside using Wise Folder Hider, which comes with your portable apps suite too.
With the above apps safely stored on it, your USB thumb drive could be your ultimate companion if something goes wrong with your computer or you plan to travel but hate the idea of carrying a heavy laptop. In fact, considering the usefulness of the above tools, it may not be long before you ditch your laptop and just carry the sleek drive in your wallet when you decide to travel.
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