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How to Shut Down a Windows PC Without Installing Updates

Aug 30, 2016

You’re working on your laptop and you realize that it’s time to go. So, you shut down your laptop, but Windows insists on updating. Ten minutes later, you’re still waiting for Windows to update and you’re going to be late.

There is a way around this: a way to shut down immediately even when there are updates waiting to install.

Here’s the simplest method:

make sure the desktop has focus by clicking any empty area of the desktop or pressing Windows+D on your keyboard.

Then, press Alt+F4 to access the Shut Down Windows dialog box.

To shut down without installing updates, select “Shut down” from the drop-down list.

Then, click “OK” to shut down your PC immediately.

You can also shut down your PC immediately from the login screen:

Press Windows+L to lock the screen, or log out.

Then, in the lower-right corner of the login screen, click the power button and select “Shut down” from the popup menu. The PC will shut down without installing updates.

Source:How-To Geek