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When’s the Best Time to Buy & Sell Computers?

Jul 27, 2016

First things first: decide whether you need a laptop or a desktop. Product release cycles differ between these types of computers, so the best time to buy one isn’t necessarily the best time to buy the other. The same is true if you just want to swap out a single internal part in your computer, whether to boost PC speed and performance or to replace a broken or malfunctioning component. (Although in the latter case, you should just buy the replacement now instead of timing the market.)

When You Should Buy: In general, the best time to buy a last-generation computer is when a new processor or operating system is released, which triggers a wave of new devices that support the new technology and cause older models to drop in price. But if you’re in the market for a new laptop, the three best months to shop are in November (during Black Friday and Cyber Monday), in August (due to back-to-school sales), and in March (the end of the Japanese fiscal year, so older models are discounted to make room for new ones).

When You Should Sell: Laptop prices tend to peak between late Spring through to late Summer because there isn’t much going on at that time, at least in terms of sales events or new product releases. If timed well, you could even sell for higher than you first bought!