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Signs That Your PC is Infected with Viruses

Oct 17, 2014

Many computers slow down within a short time because many users fail to recognize whether their system is infected or not. If they detect the infection at early stage,they can easily reduce the damage to PC to a great extent.Here are some symptoms to make the user easier to detect an infected computer.

1) Unusual Network Traffic Even after closing your browser, some applications use internet and download or upload some files. Make sure what you are downloading or uploading. Some  viruses will also download along with the downloaded files which can harm your system. If you are using wifi, make sure the wifi is properly secured.

2) Internet Connection  If your Internet Connection suddenly stops or slows down suddenly, Some virus is present in your system. Make sure that your internet connection is perfect.

3) Computer will not boot If your Computer suddenly stops booting, the reason is some virus has modified the O.S files and crashed your system. The only solution is repairing your system with recovery disc.

4) Slow down of Computer Some viruses are designed specifically to increase your CPU's usage level to 100%. If on running the Task Manager, you find that your CPU's usage is constantly at 100% level, a malware might be the cause.

5) Programs will start automatically Some viruses and adware automatically start strange programs on your computer in order to show unwanted advertisements. It means your PC is infected with virus.

6) Unusual File Extensions  Some viruses change .exe or other file associations which prevents these files from opening. Some viruses also do this to automatically start themselves when a file of a particular type is started.

7) Programs will not start or crash suddenly If some system programs like the task manager or registry editor have suddenly stopped working or crash randomly without any visible reason, it is more than likely that your computer has got some form of worm that is attaching itself to various programs and thus, corrupting their code. A virus modifying registry entries to prevent these programs from running could also cause this.