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Gmail Search Tricks

Aug 22, 2014

If you have a large amount of emails inside your Gmail account, finding the right one sometimes can be tedious task. Here are some of the parameters to help you find the email you need:

Parameter 1: When you type from: followed by name or email from specific sender you can view only his emails.

Parameter 2: When you type to: followed by name or email from specific sender you can see all emails you have sent to that person.

Parameter 3: When you type subject: followed by a word that you want to search inside email subject. For example if you type word “Apple” all emails containing word Apple will be shown.

Parameter 4: You can search emails by label, simply type label: followed by the name of label you assigned to your emails.

Parameter 5: One of my favorite is ability to search for attachments based on file name; simply type filename: followed by one file name which is located inside your attachment.

Parameter 6: If you want to search emails based on their size type size: followed by file size.

Parameter 7: You can also search them using abbreviations, for example you can type larger:10MB or smaller: 50MB

Parameter 8: To search recipients listed inside CC or BBC fields type cc: followed by recipient name, or bcc: followed by recipient name.

Here is the rest of parameters you can use OR – when you want to search emails from two or more different people you can type from:boris or from:david in:anywhere – search for emails anywhere, including spam or trash folders which are by default excluded from other search parameters after:, before:, older:, newer: – search for emails in a specific time period with format yy/mm/dd, making sure you add that folder after parameter.