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July 23, 2014

How to Overclock GPU?

Yes, overclocking a component can shorten its life span. But if you don’t push things too far, and if you keep temperatures under control, you have little reason to worry.

First, you have to make sure that you have downloaded and updated to latest drivers. You can find Nvidia and AMD’s latest drivers on their respective websites. Following are the procedures to overclock Nvidia and AMD:

To overclock AMD graphic card, follow these steps;
Download and install AMD utility
Once download completed, Open Catalyst Control Centre
Click tab ATI Override
Find clock speed settings for GPU processor and memory
Adjust by increasing 5MHZ to 10MHZ at a time
Reboot PC, if working good, you can increase more
In a case, you see artifacts (dots) on screen or anything weird, restart and go back to previous settings

To overclock Nvidia, simply follow these;
Download Nvidia System Tools utility
Run setup
Once installed, open Performance menu
Click on clock speed setting
Increase 5MHZ to 10MHZ
Restart PC, repeat this method to gain more speed
If you encounter artifacts appearing on screen, go back to previous settings and restart.
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