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How To Disable Startup Programs To Improve Pc Speed?

May 14, 2014

By disabling your start-up programs you could get started to your work within fraction of minutes easily without time lag, and also it prevents from hanging while starting Windows pc. Here is the way to enable/disable startup programs .

1. Press ‘Win+R’ to open RUN command

2. Type ‘msconfig’ and press ‘OK’ And now the system configuration window opens

3. Now click the ‘Startup’ tab And you would find large number of programs checked

4. So you could now get unchecked from unwanted programs which use larger memory consumption. Now click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ to get your start up time quick.

And I have a more simple way, download Wise Care 365, click ‘Startup Manager’ in System Tuneup column. All the programs and services boot on startup are there, you can check/uncheck them there. It also has a record of your operations, and you can restore them( for pro users) if in need.