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5 Signs That Your Laptop Is In Need of Repair

May 13, 2014

Laptops today are designed to sustain less damage, but even so you’ll need to repair at some point or another. While there are some things that you can do to troubleshoot and repair the laptop on your own, these should be limited to software issues. If you’re not familiar with parts and repairs, some hardware upgrades must be left to the experts. To prevent minor issues from developing into more serious ones, take your computer for repair at the first sign of trouble. Here are five signs that your laptop is in need of repair.

1) Physical Damage Major physical malfunctions such as a damaged processor or unexplainable noises coming from the device are an indication that you need to take your laptop to a professional for repairs. Any delays on your part could lead to further problems and costly repairs. Strange noises, especially upon startup, should never be ignored as these are early signs that something is wrong. Minor physical damage, such as chipped paint, does not affect the device’s functionality and can be ignored.

2) Software Malfunction Your laptop might look fine physically, but there could be unseen problems that you need to be concerned about. These problems might be made known through minor signs like non-functional icons, constant changes to Windows, or slow processing. If your new laptop takes really long to boot, that might be a sign that something is wrong. Fortunately, most new laptops come with a warranty, so get it repaired or replaced within this window of opportunity. You’ll have to pay for your own repairs if your laptop’s warranty has expired. Pay attention to and act on any small signs of software malfunction to save your laptop from further damage and costly repairs.

3) Virus Many laptop owners are faced with computer viruses. Why is this? It could be that many of them fail to use the right antivirus protection. Some owners fail to update to their current protection while others mistakenly use none at all. Over 21% of attacks by a virus are due to Trojan infections and 57% of attacks are very dangerous ones leading to breach of security, or complete loss of the laptop’s functionality. When your laptop is no longer functional, or your data is at risk, it’s time to call in the professionals.

4) Overheating It’s extremely important to make sure your laptop always stays cool. The most obvious thing to do when your laptop starts overheating is to get a cooling pad. Laptops produce excessive heat because their components are packed into a tight space with little room for airflow. Check the laptop and remove anything that might be blocking the vents or fans. Get a professional to check the laptop if continues to overheat after using a cooling pad. It could be a sign that something is wrong internally.

5) Accessories Not Working Sometimes problems with the laptop could be attributed to external accessories rather than the laptop itself. One common problem is the battery not charging due to a battery or adapter malfunction, hence it’s important to take good care of your laptop battery and its accessories from the very first day.

All 5 above are the most common signs that your laptop is trying to tell you it’s time to send it for a check up. Don’t take these signs for granted, else your laptop might ended up getting even more serious damages and caused you to spend even more money to get a new one.