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How to Share Files between Computers ?—Through Homegroup in Windows 7

May 5, 2014

Many people now have two or more desktops or laptops at home. Suppose you are running Windows 7 on all machines. You can share files between those computers in many ways. For example, you can send files to your facebook, or you can plug a USB to copy data. But the most effective, easiest and fastest way should be through sharing network.

There is a much cool new feature in Windows 7, that is, Homegroup feature. Hence, we can share files quickly through creating a Homegroup in our machines. In this post, we will outline how to create a Homegroup, join the created Homegroup and share files between computers.

Guides to Create a Homegroup in Windows 7 You can set a Homegroup on any of your computers. But you need to turn it on when you would like to view files on this machine from another one.

Step one- Click Start menu, type “homegroup” in the search dialog and hit Enter

Step two- Click Create a homegroup on the Homegroup window

Step three- Select the files you want to share, such as pictures, music, videos, and so on, and click Next

Step four- Type your password and click Finish

Step five- A window will pop up to ask whether you want to change Homegroup settings, you can tick options and click Save changes or click Cancel Now you have established a Homegroup in one of your computers. Then you can join other machines to the networking group.

Steps to Join a Homegroup in Windows 7 You need to turn on the other or another computer to make changes to join the established Hemegroup.

Step one- Search Homegroup from Start menu and press Enter

Step two- In the pop-up Homegroup window, click Join now

Step three- Select files you wish to share with other computers and click Next

Step four- Enter the password you generated in creating the Homegroup, and click Next

Step five- Click Finish to save your changes Now, you can share files between your PCs.

How to Share Files between Computers Locate the file, folder or drive you want to share with other machines, right click on it. Click Share with, then you’ll have many choices including Nobody, Homegroup (Read), Homegroup (Read/ Write), and Specific people. Or you can click Share with on the toolbar Now you can quickly share whatever files you like between your computers without using a third party software or tool.