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Hide hard drive partition in Windows 7 ?

Apr 28, 2014

Why would you wish to hide hard drive partition in Windows 7? Maybe you’ve private documents on it, and you don’t want to risk the kids’ editing or deleting them. Hiding a partition or volume from my laptop or explorer is preventing that partition from displaying. However, it does not imply erasing any data or deleting the volume.

Windows OS Disk management system permits hiding drives except the System drive where the OS is installed and the System reserved volume. So, anyone who has administrative privilege or the administrator of the Windows machine can do this task. And the basic trick is, without any drive letter (Ex: C:, D:, E: etc.) Windows OS doesn’t recognize any drive or partition, and here we are going to remove that letter temporally. To do this task you need administrator privilege. So, why don’t you activate the administrator account and use it?

1. Hide hard drive partition in Windows 7 using command prompt : Here we will use Command prompt to perform this task Open command prompt by going to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Command Prompt (or You can merely open by typing “cmd” in the run box).

Now type “diskpart” command. (Diskpart is the built-in Disk Partitioning program in Windows.) Now, It is a good idea to show all volumes present in your hard drive. For that type ” list volume” command. After that , Select the volume which you want to hide. For this, type ” select volume number”. e.g. select volume 4 to select the fourth volume. Now type “remove letter” command to hide the specific partition. .

For the above example, remove letter e would remove the drive e from the operating system. To unhide a drive use the command assign letter, in this case assign letter e. The drive becomes immediately accessible again in Windows. Now, we will perform the same operation without using command prompt.

2. Hide hard drive partition in Windows 7 without using command: Right click on My Computer Now, Click on Manage. From the list of options given on the left side select Disk Management. All your hard disk and its partition will be shown in the right hand side. Right click on partition that you want to hide and select ” Change Drive letters and Path” Click on “Remove” and Click “Yes”. Your Drive will now be hidden in My Computer.

To unhide the drive Go to Disk Management Right Click on the Hidden partition (there will not a drive on the hidden drive) Change Drive Letter and Path. Click on “add and select an appropriate drive letter”. Click OK Now the drive is unhidden.